50+ Telegram movie download channel link- August 2020

If are living home during lock-down, then movies are the best friend of you, if you want to pass your time. Movies are the best way to spend your time if you are not doing anything at home or anywhere, especially if you cannot go outside. So, here you will find telegram movie download channel links from where you can download oldest & latest movies. Please keep on reading to know more.

Telegram Movies Channels

Telegram is widely used to download various types of digital content, and movies are one of them. Telegram movie download channels are very popular to find new movies. From these groups & channels you can easily find movie download links of your choice, because there are lots of such channels which provides links for that kind of stuffs.

You already know there are lots of telegram channels which provides movie links, that’s why some times it is very irritating to find right group & channels for movies of your choice.

To solve this problem I have curated a list of telegram movie download channels links, which you can join if you really want to download movies.

On these channels you can find every types of movies, whether it is Hollywood, Bollywood, South Indian, Chinese or Spanish. You can also find movies in any language like- English, Hindi, Spanish, French, Chinese etc…

But before joining these groups you should definitely know some important things about these groups. There are some group rules you need to follow. There are some groups users cannot post anything but there are some groups where users can share, in such groups you need to follow some rules. All rules are listed below-

  • Do not spam.
  • Do not share irrelevant content.
  • Do not hate anyone in the group/channel.
  • Do not violate any group rules. This one is most important.

If you violate any of these rules you may be eliminated from the group, once this happens then you will not be able to re-join the groups.

Now you know the game rules, now let’s have look of the telegram movie download channels links.

Telegram movie download channel links

So, here are some telegram movies channels which are widely used to download movies. If you are interested in movie download then try these out.

There are different categories listed below for different industries & language & gener.

Hindi Movie download telegram channels

So, first category in this list is Hindi movies, this is because Bollywood movies are very popular in India & in the world. So, if you want to download any movies in Hindi or say Bollywood movies you can join any of these telegram movie download channels.

Channel NameLink to Join
Hindi HD Moviest.me/HindiHDmovies
 INDIAN MOVIESt.me/HindiMoviesOnly
Netflix Cineplext.me/NetflixCineplex
Hindi Old Moviest.me/HINDI_OLD_MOVIES
HD Dubbed MOVIESt.me/HDdubbedcineplex
Movie Series t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE9B8u_wO9d4NiJp3w
Google Drive Moviest.me/gdrivemovielink
 HINDI MOVIES t.me/aaj_love_kal
HD Print Movies t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFJgqXFVNN0pQUKFog
Netflix Web Seriest.me/Netflix_web_series_hindi_movies

Tamil movie download telegram Channels

Tamil-language movies are well known in states like Chennai and Tamil Nadu of India. Movies like Baahubali and Robot 2.0 are given by Tamil Cinema to the world.

You will likewise discover telegram channels to download numerous famous dubbed Hollywood movies on these channels. List is given below-

Channel NameLink to Join
Tamil Movies t.me/tamilmovies_channel
Tamil Rockerst.me/Thamil_Rockers_Movies_HD
Tamil Cinema Hub Prot.me/TamilCinemahubPro
TAMIL MOVIEZt.me/tamilmoviez
Kannada Telugu Tamil Movies HDt.me/Bollywood_Movies_New_hindi_Hd_Ho
Tamil Moviest.me/cc_tamilmovies
Tamil Cinema Todayt.me/TamilCinemaToday
 MM | Tᴀᴍɪʟ Mᴏᴠɪᴇs t.me/MM_TamilMovies
Fun Park Movies t.me/FunParkMv

Hollywood Movie Channels

There is no any film industry which can compete with Hollywood Film Industry because of there quality, story & concept. Here’s a list of channels where you can download Hollywood films and web-series.

Channel NameLink to Join
Curator Movies [#CuratorS]t.me/CuratorS_movies
CC Mobile Moviest.me/cc_mobilemovies
HD Hollywood MOVIES WEB SERIESt.me/hdhollywoodcineplex
Bollywood Movies HDhttps://t.me/Movies_Amazon_prime_video
English Moviest.me/Movies_English
Movie Plus Cinemas t.me/Hindimovies_hollywoodmovies
Google Drive Moviest.me/gdrivemovielink
Hollywood Movies Web Seriest.me/netflix_movies_series_web
 HINDI MOVIES t.me/aaj_love_kal
Hollywood Cineplexhttps://t.me/hollywoodcine
Marvel Cineplext.me/MarvelCineplex
English Movies – FCt.me/FC_EnglishMovies

Punjabi Movie Channels

Punjabi Movies are known for their funny and interesting stories. Punjabi Cinema is consistently creating and picking up popularity around the world. You will get channel link to download the most recent movies in these Punjabi Movies Telegram Channels.

New Punjabi Movies HDt.me/Latest_Punjabi_Movies_HD
New Punjabi Movies HD Downloadt.me/new_punjabimovies
Punjabi Moviest.me/PunjabiMovies_new
Punjabi Cinemahub t.me/punjabicinemahub
New Punjabi Moviet.me/new_punjabimoviee
Punjabi moviet.me/punjabi_movie
Punjabi Movies t.me/punjabimoviescommunity

Telugu Movie download Channel Link

Telugu is generally spoken in Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Tollywood is a major film-production industry that holds Guinness World Record for the biggest film creation facility on the planet, Ramoji Film City.

You will get connections to download named motion pictures in the Telugu language on the underneath recorded channels.

Channel NameLink to Join
Telugu movies t.me/telugu_moviez
Tamil Dubbed Moviest.me/CC_TamilDubbed
 TAMIL ROCKERSt.me/Thamil_Rockers_Movies_HD
Telugu Cinema hub Prot.me/TeluguCinemahubPro
 New Telugu Moviest.me/moviez_telugu
Movie Series t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE9B8u_wO9d4NiJp3w
Bollywood Movies HDt.me/Bollywood_Movies_New_hindi_Hd_Ho
Fun Park Movies t.me/FunParkMv
 HINDI MOVIES t.me/aaj_love_kal

That’s it for this telegram movie download channel link. If you want to more channels link then comment below, I will update this post, according to your demand.

Have fun.


These channels may contain some illegal download, If you get in some problem Mastiseghumo will not bear any responsibility. Distribution of any movie without the permission of real owner is illegal in India & everywhere in the world.

Please be informed about this, because we will not bear any responsbility.

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