10 Motorcycle riding Tips.

No order at all.

1. 2 fingers on Clutch

Using four fingers on clutch is ok But two fingers is more than enough to operate the clutch lever. Using two fingers on clutch/brake lever gives better grip on handle bar.

2. Turning left & Right in Circle

If you generally fall while making left or right turn or simply while turning the motorcycle. Then practice turning left & right in a circle. 

3. Use of legs & hips

If you want better control on your motorcycle then start using hips & legs. 

4. Focus where you want to go.

It is important to understand where want to go while doing this keep on the  vanishing point. But don't over-rely on this.  

5. What if ???

Always make plans what if, "you see something in distance", "any warning sign", what if any car is coming in when you are in mid corner. 

6. Always look further.

You hear this all the time. But it's important. I am personally very good at this. It will help you to plan in advance for anything. This is a good advice take this.

7. Relax Stay loose

Motorcycle riding is fun. You can learn riding motorcycle easily, how to handle takes time. So, don't stress anything. Make easy grip on handle bar. Trust your motorcycle and have patience.

8. Safety

Don't push yourself beyond your capability and you cannot ignore safety gears. Be extra careful on junctions.               Happy Riding.